The Pink Pastor

I am

a Coach

a Content Creator

a Wedding Officiant

a Counselor (with a lot of experience and training in relationships including marriage and trauma)

a queer, neurodiverse, third culture, woman of transgender experience

Mostly I am a person sharing my journey and building community, whether here, on YouTube, on Instagram or on Facebook.

With me, you get to hear the voice of a queer, semi-nomadic, well travelled, neurodiverse, teacher, mother, theologian, former pastor & woman of transgender experience, who believes the many religions of the world often speak with one voice the truths we need to learn.

For reference a diverse skill set has developed by becoming a certified coach, having a bachelors in Engineering and Physics, having a Master of Divinity, apprenticing as a mechanic, learning six languages, playing 3 instruments & being a mathematician. I was ordained by a mainline denomination where I practiced as a pastor for 13 years. I have spent copious hours with Buddhist masters, studying the world religions, and reading The I-Ching, along with various Buddhist texts, The Tao Te Ching, and The Koran and had the honor to be blessed by a Shinto priest. All of this and more has given me a broad background of experience, skill and culture to pull from.

Mostly let me teach you how to love yourself

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