Life is a journey and sometimes we need a guide or simply someone to walk along side us. This companion can at moments help us to see what is already there and what we know but are not seeing. It is important that this companion be a philosophical fit for us if they are to help us live a more fully integrated and thus more fulfilling and productive life.
  • I am a Third Culture Person who navigates in multiple cultures and identifies with no one culture in particular.
  • I however believe in the value of community as well as the individual.
  • My goal will be to help you to live an integrated life physically, emotionally and spiritually, thus the need to bring in Coaching (which helps you to help yourself), Spiritual Direction (which is a part of our lives whether by embracing or rejecting), and Counseling (because sometimes life is hard). Many can offer any one of these pieces but due to my unique experience I can bring all three in an integrated fashion.
  • I am queer and open to poly and kink, which makes me especially unique in the world of relationship counseling.
  • My mission in life is to work for world peace – one person at a time.
  • If you think it might be a fit but are not sure then we can start with a free web consult. Send me and email or give me a call and we will find a time convenient for both of us.

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  • All my help is focused on
    • integration, 
    • the belief that you know where you need to go but may need help seeing it, 
    • increasing resilience and maturity of the person, 
    • and the thought that we are always growing and changing.
  • If you have lived in multiple countries (or cultures within one country);
    • feel always out of place
    • and/or you are always wondering where you will go next,
    • and/or you feel like you never fit in
    • and are always misunderstood
    • then my Third Culture Perspective will help you.

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