Who doesn’t want a better relationship with their life partner?


If you have a good relationship and want to take it to the next level consider a coach.

If there are challenges between you and your life partner a coach might help.

  • How did I become so qualified to help coach your relationship
    • I was married to the same person for nearly three decades.
    • I have been studying and have written & taught on marriage and relationships over the last fifteen years.
    • I wrote a 100 page thesis on marriage, which advocated for single gender marriage in 2005.
    • As a pastor I was trained in multiple of the counseling modalities and relationship assessment systems.
    • I have nearly 20 years of studying, practice and training in family systems theory
    • I have been a student of human relationships for my whole life
    • I, through my own seeking and soul searching, have become open to all the possibilities including queer and poly relationships as well as the reality that adultery is about lying not sex.
    • I know about getting over Co-Dependence, having done it myself.

I bring all these together to help nurture your relationship with this most important person/s, your life partner/s.

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Contact me through email at PinkPastor@pinkpastor.com  or phone/text 845-239-134 SIX

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