It started with me needing a little extra money and a friend having lost her administrator. I started doing her bulletins then a friend found out I could do her newsletter and another friend needed bulletins and weekly MailChimp newsletters while they hired a new administrator and this has blossomed into a small business.

I now contract with churches (and other institutions if appropriate) to complete those ever so important functions like bulletins and newsletters. Prices are all based on piece work, so when summer comes and you have fewer services ( and less income) you pay less and when Christmas or Easter or Lent brings more services than normal (and more income) we can ramp it up quickly. Need to add a funeral or wedding, no problem and no need to keep someone on staff extra hours, just in case or do it yourself using valuable time better spent serving your parishioners. Currently depending on complexity the prices range from $20 – $100 per bulletin or newsletter. This is often less than if you were to hire someone and you don’t have to worry about collecting taxes, paying FICA, etc. since I am a contractor.

As a former ELCA pastor who grew up in the Episcopal and Presbyterian traditions and who served a multidenominational congregation (UCC, Episcopal & Lutheran), I am familiar with the diversity of liturgies. Plus, having been in the church for most of my life, I am familiar with the challenges of including all the members and recognizing their contributions as well as sensitive topics that may need to be addressed or avoided. I am tech savvy and so can deliver in a format that works well for you. All of these lead to better more professional results delivered consistently on an agreed upon schedule (no more wondering if the newsletter will be done on time).

Write to me or call me with your needs and/or wish list so we can work together to get you a quote to share with the church leadership.

Contact me through email at or phone/text 845-239-134 SIX to discuss your needs and start the planning.

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